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At Kloofwaters we take learning out of the classroom, and make it hands-on. Experiential learning is extremely effective, and encompasses a wide range of learning outcomes, leading to academic, emotional, social and spiritual development.

We will custom-design a programme specifically to meet the objectives of your camp and the needs of your group or school. The unique setting lends itself to activities focusing on the natural environment and adventure, but much more than this can be accomplished in the outdoor classroom. Some of the options we can offer assistance with include:


  • Leadership development - Grades 6/7 and Grades 11/12
  • Teambuilding - All ages
  • Group dynamics challenges - All ages


  • Guided walks and hikes
  • Wilderness camping - tents/survivor-style shelters
  • Rock climbing and abseiling
  • Kloofing
  • Night activities
  • Awesome Bumslides


Intermediate and Senior phases:

Integrated camps focusing particularly on elements from the Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Life Orientation curricula.


Education and information about the natural flora and fauna.


  • Relevant Christian devotions
  • Teachings on basics of Christian faith
  • Contemporary worship


Kloofwaters staff will put together and run the entire camp programme for you, choosing modules that will meet your specific requirements.


If you would like to run part of the camp programme yourself but require our expertise for some components of the programme, we will gladly arrange this with you.  


Activities in the outdoors will always involve inherent risks, particularly when the focus is on adventure. However, we at Kloofwaters pride ourselves on the high standards of safety and care that we offer to campers. All adventure-based activities are supervised only by appropriately qualified and responsible staff. All staff are equipped with relevant first aid kits and regular training ensures our knowledge remains fresh.